A List of Companies that Sell & Install Stairlifts in the UK

By Chris Clayton

A search for 'stairlift companies/installation' on the web will bring up the websites of hundreds of different companies. Most of these companies only advertise other companies' stairlifts (they neither sell or install stairlifts themselves) and take a commission from each stairlift sold through them.

The companies that do, are either manufacturers or are non-manufacturers/dealers (who sell and install both new stairlifts they have bought directly from manufacturers and second hand stairlifts they have repaired/reconditioned themselves).

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know from just looking at a company's website if they will be the company you will be actually buying the stairlift from or not. The companies that act as middlemen, for obvious reasons don't like to advertise the fact that that's what they are.

How to find the real stairlift companies

To help you to get in contact directly with the companies that sell and install stairlifts themselves (and get a quote), I have created the below list. I have separated the list into manufacturers and non-manufacturers of stairlifts.

If you are wanting to buy a stairlift, I would urge to both contact and get quotes from a number of different stairlift companies. Although it is more time consuming than just contacting and a buying a stairlift from one company (you'll have to get a number of companies visiting your house to give you quotes), you can substantially reduce the amount you will have to pay.

Please note: The below list is for stairlift companies who sell stairlifts throughout most parts of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

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Manufacturers who sell

Below are the names of stairlift companies who manufacturer their own stairlifts and who you can buy directly from (click the name to visit their website):

Manufacturers who don't sell directly

But not all manufacturers sell directly to customers (some sell their stairlifts only through other companies (e.g. dealers)).

Fortunately, you can still contact them and they will put you in contact with one of their authorised dealers in your local area who does (and they can assess your staircase and provide you with a quote).

Below is a list of some of these companies (click the name to visit their website):

National non-manufacturers/dealers

In the UK, there are not many stairlift suppliers which operate on a national level (most only operate on a local or regional level). These companies sell both new and used/refurbished stairlifts (click the name to visit their website):

To see a list of the companies that sell and install stairlifts in the Manchester area, go to our article on 'Who you can buy a stairlift from in Manchester'.

In conclusion

Although there is no problem in buying a stairlift via a company that only advertise/promote other companies' stairlifts (whether it be a manufacturer or a non-manufacturer/dealer), for me it makes more sense to contact the company who you are going to be buying it from directly than going through an intermediary.

But no matter what you do, I would make sure that you get quotes from more than one company of these companies. This can reduce the amount of money you end up paying.

You can also reduce the amount you pay further by choosing a reconditioned or second hand stairlift instead of a new one.