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The story behind the website

A friend of my family contacted me about buying a stairlift for her mother. She knew that I had worked in the stairlift industry and she wanted some advice about what she should do. When she spoke to me, she'd already been in contact with a number of different companies that sold stairlifts who had been contradicting what each other had been saying about what type of stairlift her mother would need. By the time she spoke to me, to say that she was confused is an understatement.

Because I know quite a bit about stairlifts, I both explained to her what her options were and advised which of the stairlifts and features she should go for. I also explained what she could do to reduce the price she would have to pay for it.

She was lucky because she knew somebody who both knew about stairlifts and how the companies who sell them operate when selling them to customers. It made me start to think, if she didn't know somebody who had knowledge of stairlifts, how would she have been able to find out this information. From the web?

Unfortunately not. When I started to look on the web for information on choosing and buying stairlifts, I was surprised with what I found. The majority of the websites which were (and still are) giving advice on choosing and buying stairlifts were from companies who sell them, I couldn't find any which weren't either directly or indirectly working for a stairlift company.

The problem with this is not with the information you can actually find on these websites. Many of them in fact provide some very useful information (especially on using stairlifts). The problem is with the information that they don't include.

Their main purpose is get you to buy a stairlift from them, so they miss out anything which would both reduce the possibility of this happening and the amount of money you would buy one for.

This is the reason why I created this website, to give you honest advice about stairlifts (to tell you the things that the other websites on stairlift don't). So you can know what all of your options are to make the right decision for you when you are choosing and buying a stairlift.

About me

Chris Clayton

My name is Chris Clayton (that is me above). I am orginally from the North of England and I am a graduate of the University of Birmingham. I used to work as a sales representative for one of the world's leading manufacturers and sellers of stairlifts which is based in England. Although I liked my job there, I decided to leave the company to become a teacher. I currently live and work in Madrid in Spain.

About the website

As I said before, the purpose of the website is to give you honest advice about stairlifts. I don't have any current relationship with any company that sells stairlift (including the one I used to work for). But to pay for the website, I make money from having advertisements on the website.

This advertising doesn't and never will affect what I will write on the website (I would rather close the website down than either tell you things which I knew not to be true or purposely not include essential information).


If you have any questions or would just like to contact me, you can either send an email to contact@blairenglish.com or leave a message on the website's Facebook page.

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