Things you can do to avoid problems with your stairlift

By Chris Clayton

Stairlifts are very reliable machines, but like with any machine they do unfortunately sometimes have problems. As you can appreciate, having a stairlift out-of-action for any amount of time or not working right is obviously not an ideal situation.

Fortunately, many of these problems can be avoided (or fixed before they become a problem) by getting your stairlift regularly serviced every 6 months (which I strongly urge you to do). A stairlift is a machine after all, with moving parts and some of these parts need to be regularly oiled or replaced due to the wear and tear of use.

But there are some things that you can do yourself (like how you use it and how you look after it) to avoid many issues happening. And you'll be glad to hear that most of these things are very easy to do and won't cost you a penny (or very little).

To help you know how to both look after your stairlift and use it correctly below are some recommendations/tips from leading experts in the stairlift industry. People with years of experience in both installing and repairing stairlifts, who have seen every problem imaginable. So here's what they say you should and shouldn't do:

Tip 1

Unplugging and switching off a stairlift when you are away for a week is not essential. When not in use, stairlifts use very little electricity. Although disconnecting the power for short periods won't cause any damage, leaving one switched off for long periods may impact the performance of the battery.

David Dodsworth
Business Development Manager

Tip 2

It is important to remove the dust which is on the stairlift or on the track/rail regularly. If you don't, this can clog up parts of the stairlift and affect the smoothness of how the stairlift moves. To do this, use a rag with any cleaning product that you would use to clean the surface tops of the kitchen with.

Paul Harlin
Senior Stairlift Engineer
Lift and Accessibility Solutions

But there are parts of the stairlift which you shouldn't clean like this:

Tip 3

Do not be tempted to clean the rack (the long piece of metal with teeth that is on the rail/track) or the electrical pickups (the metallic parts on the rail/track and on the back of the stairlift used for charging the battery) with anything other than a specialist lubricant.

David Dodsworth
Business Development Manager

If you follow the above tips and advice, it won't mean that you'll never encounter problems with your stairlift, but you'll substantially reduce the risk of them occurring. This not only means that your stairlift will work better and last for longer, but it'll good for your wallet as well.

More tips and advice are coming soon.